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  1. Bumping for the new decade. What is dead will never die!
  2. Game is dead. Fix or we riot.
  3. Lost Heroes has taken over for Gandalf/Jack Sparrow it seems. You are the new herald of the people - keep fighting the good fight reminding Chris his game is dead.
  4. So what i have gathered from reading these forum postings.... The game is in a running state and is highly regarded as the best sim around with thousands of active players. Right?
  5. Gotta keep it going. Imagine this thread not being updated, chris might think he had a working game!
  6. Alliance IRC/Forums Listing

    Alliance Name: Seven Kingdoms Alliance Acronym: SK Forum Link: N/A - Currently working on redoing them and not really using forums at this time. IRC Channel: #SK In-Game Alliance Link: http://project-terra.com/Alliance/View/Seven_Kingdoms
  7. Alliance pop?

    I think this is a great idea, especially given that at the moment population is the only real "scoring" metric we have to go buy. Also the best way to look into the economic bases of the different AAs imo.
  8. High emigration rate.

    I have a vague recollection of trying to keep it around 100 before the game went down. That seems pretty costly right now relative to our incomes, so currently I'm just shooting for around 1000 land and leaving it at that until I get at least another metropolis - until then I don't know that the immigration bonus from more land would make much of a difference.
  9. Tax Rates

    The best way to spend your money would be to improve your nation stats (literacy, crime, disease) and save for new cities. Lower crime and disease rate while increasing literacy gives bonuses to population happiness and immigration, increasing nation growth. Buying a new town will add 10k new people, upgrading it to city will boost it to 50k and upgrading a metro will boost it to 150k people - thats a lot of new citizens, which means more money and theoretically a higher growth rate (more babies!). Buying land is also good to make sure you have a good population density. This also factors into immigration and the death rate (lower death rate = more growth of course).
  10. Versutian Federation DoE

    Nice to see new people coming over, and so many to boot! The boost in player base might help restore some faith in the game and encourage more older players to come back as well. Welcome to Terra.
  11. Lord knows countless resets and hiatuses have taken their toll, but we're clawing our way back! o/ SK. Here's to three more years of glory.
  12. Growth rate?

    Is he older than you? The game only measures age in days but if he made his nation 4-6 hours before you that would account for the additional population.