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  1. The Return of Marin

    Oh god
  2. Maps

    This would just be seen as ripping off of PW, overall a bad idea.
  3. What Grillick said
  4. Next features for PT to have introduced

    Yeah, a lot of this was already implemented
  5. Not entirely sure I like this idea
  6. Suggestion: Over-limit Warning?

    This would be an excellent addition to the game.
  7. savings account

    Just don't spend xx amount of money...
  8. Suggestion: Nation stance & Laws

    Sounds like a great idea to me
  9. Having it as a donation reward is the best idea imo
  10. Tourism

    Does adding tourism serve an actual point or would it just be another cool stat to look at?
  11. Maps Revisited

    I don't think it should be made too complicated but overall it's not a bad idea.
  12. Site layout

    we should just have options in the settings menu that allow for a mobile version and a regular version.
  13. Adding Cultures

    I think this has been suggested before but I've always liked the idea.
  14. Suggestion: Whipping votes on laws

    Sounds like a good idea to me