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  1. Energy markets

    It might be a trade feature. However, for some reason, i feel like development on the game has once again stopped.
  2. A Strong World Currency Missing

    I do believe the Bitcoin tops all of this
  3. Energy Generation/Research

    Indeed. These where in the original game (wind farms, hydro plants, and nuclear plants) and they will be added sometime later when research is finished.
  4. Resource production

    Because refineries take resources away from extractors.
  5. Building a new city

    It adds more citizens to the workforce, meaning more tax-deductible income, and a higher growth rate. A link to your nation always helps.
  6. Timber, Milk, Crude Oil

    Your nation only produces one of each type of resource. You have to buy other types of resources on the market. Starting off, you should only really have to buy construction resources (and military, once those are added) You only /need/ to use one type of food to feed your people, and as far as fuel you should be able to produce the fuel your power plants use. A link to your nation would help.
  7. Name change Request

    Is this a request for a change of your nation ruler name or your forum name?
  8. Patch Notes Preview

    Every time someone asks it adds another two weeks. The two weeks are spent preforming calculations to determine when the work will be done, and may or may not be successful in determining an exact date. The calculations may include but are not limited to: coin flipping crystal ball reading dice rolling sleepwalking rocket science lots of time spent watching Oprah
  9. Patch Notes Preview

    It should be for anyone that was around before the game was hacked. And i ribbon would be nice c:
  10. im cumin out

    Is that like a "wow ur humor is bad" or a "such surprise" kinda thing
  11. im cumin out

    <3 <3 <3 <3 we r legun xxx420slayerxxx $w@q########
  12. im cumin out

    You should also stop posting(so much)
  13. Patch Notes Preview

    Where you here two(?) years ago when the game was hacked and taken down? *edit: How long has it been again...?
  14. Patch Notes Preview

    hehehe... (spoiler)Confirmed for April Fools (/spoiler)