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  1. Chris, not sure if you noticed. The game is still broken.
  2. Well I don't give a ******** about the lives of any posters on this forum either? You all smell. Especially Gandalf.
  3. I approve of this thread.
  4. Chris, whether he's actively developing the game or not, pays for the server that hosts this forum, and this forum. People are not gonna be allowed to advertise, or seek funding, for other projects on this forum. It's honestly not rocket science. You want to build your own product, idgaf, but you don't get to use the sites paid for by Chris to pimp it. Ahovking knew what he was doing, and he knew he'd get banned for it. There's really very little that could get you banned from here at this point (as I think is evidenced by the fact that nobody had been banned in over a year I think). Posting porn, violent content, threats against another person, and trying to use this forum to advertise your own endeavors are about it (and maybe not even the last one, if said endeavors weren't expliclitly said to be based on a clone of this game.)
  5. So...Why keep it a secret

    No matter the state of the forums or game, it remains prohibited to advertise for other games here or to ask for funding for outside projects.
  6. Chris was on today.

    That's ok Chris, I got paid by the conspiracy in your stead. I'll send you some pizza or something as compensation.
  7. Chris was on today.

    ROFL. Never attribute to malice what is eminently explainable by, you know, multiple other explanations that don't require an insane conspiracy theory. I should probably remove this, but I'm laughing too damn hard. Well done. This made my day.
  8. Impersonation?

    There is zero chance any information about a community member will be turned over to another community member barring a legal order to do so. If we suspect crimes of being committed, the information will be turned over to the appropriate authorities, not other members of the community. Secondly, Avakael isn't your identity, it's an online alias. No crimes were committed here. Nor were any forum rules broken by the community member linked. Thread locked.
  9. Impersonation?

    I'm not sure what you're asking? Why was he impersonating you? I have no idea, you'd have to ask him. Not sure how the mod staff could answer that.
  10. Market

    Not a suggestion. Moved to game discussion.
  11. Market Procedures

    In terms of, if two offers (buy or sell) are for the same unit dollar amount and are sitting there for a period of time (i.e. not filled instantly). Yes those are performed FIFO.
  12. Danger: Malware Ahead!

    I'm not getting a warning from it no matter what browser I use. And there's no malware in there. I'm gonna chalk it up to Google being weird and move on. Is it still displaying the warning for you?
  13. #middleclass problems. We're just increasing the realism of the game is all All kidding aside, it's a very valid point.
  14. New Format

    I guess ymmv, I haven't noticed any of them opening slower, and a few of them (notably the main nation page) appear to be opening faster for me. I never recorded any load times from prior to compare though so I can't say for sure. (The market, however, remains interminable, though I'm fairly sure that's due to the way the offers are pulled, rather than anything else.) If you have specific pages you see loading noticeably slower, let me know what they are and I'll make sure it gets put on a list to be checked out.
  15. New Format

    In addition to improving the experience on mobile I believe that the format changes were also meant to improve page load times. If I remember correctly in testing the speed increase on some pages was immense. (Standard caveat, my memory may be faulty and I could be remembering some other change we were testing.
  16. Subsidize the Millitary Market!

    We will not be subsidizing any of the markets. It's completely unnecessary. Prices are low now. They'll rise in the future. If it's a problem, stop making so much of the military goods.
  17. The trouble with taxes

    I'm going to repost the OP just in case you all have actually forgotten it and/or are too lazy to refer to the first page of the thread. And any further posts off-topic (looks up at Dane and blotz) will be met with warns.
  18. The trouble with taxes

    Okay guys, this is a thread about proposed changes to the tax system in PT not a debate over history, or the theoretical virtues of different economic systems, or how China and the USSR compare to the US, etc. Let's get back to the topic please.
  19. Law question

    Yeah that was a mistake on our part. Accidentally set the probability for Freedom of the Press to the opposite spot on the scale it was meant to be. We're double checking all the laws as we add descriptions, so any other stuff like that will be caught.
  20. Any benifits to war?

    Whether or not you can sell land for huge sums, warring remains profitable once you hit a certain size due to the increasing cost of land. As everyone who's played can testify, land gets very expensive fast. While war in PT can be expensive, at some point it's still cheaper to war than to buy new land. Thus, the profit motive for war.
  21. Laws!

    So the first seven or so laws (in alphabetical order) in the Constitutional tab now have descriptions that provide some guide as to effects. (Avfew other random laws also have this type of description. I'm slowly going through and adding them to the rest of the laws. In the meantime if you fine folk wouldn't mind taking a look at the descriptions I've added and letting me know if this was what you had in mind / how you would tweak the descriptions. I can't guarantee I'll follow any suggestions but I'm certainly open to, and would appreciate the feedback. Cheers.
  22. Law question

    It's very unlikely that there will be advice on which laws will be harder or easier to pass. That's going be different for every nation, depending on what form of government you have, and what laws you've previously passed. Laws that are ideologically similar to your current laws are easier to pass than you ideological dissimilar laws. So though there are base values for the difficulty of passing each law, those odds are modified by the specifics of your nation. Thus any advice in the law description would be correct for some nations and incorrect for others.
  23. super fast growth rate! impossible

    His growth rate is much higher because he has way more people than you do. The more people you have, the more people are born in your nation each day, the higher your growth rate is. There are any number of ways to increase your growth rate. The easiest are to buy more land, or build more metropolitan areas (since each metro area gives you 100k more people.) There is no bug in the law. Some laws are harder to pass than others. The larger your majority is in Parliament, the more likely you will be to pass a law.
  24. Election Effects

    No you couldn't change your tax rate and then immediately call an election. You had to wait 24 hours after changing your taxes before calling an election. That's what will be brought back more than likely. And at some point, population happiness will begin to drop after x amount of time without having an election. What that amount of time will be is undecided as of now.
  25. Any benifits to war?

    The paragraph above hasn't been part of the war system since the very beginning of PT back in 2011. It was never part of the the war system in Alpha under Chris.