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  1. The Return of Marin

  2. This. Unemployment hits 15%, companies get founded, your unemployed become employed, taxpaying citizens. Thus the jump.
  3. New Font

    wing dings would have been better..
  4. The Floodian Empire DoE

    bring back statefarm
  5. Nation Help Thread

    Raise tax rates, buy more land
  6. Proof of the Big Bang?

    Is this the same thing that another guy say multiverses were probable?
  7. Who has a ps4?

    Thanks hannibal....and I might give that a go winkler.
  8. Bugs or just incomplete?

    refresh when allocating units, same for money. dunno about buildings.
  9. Who has a ps4?

    Need some ideas for a game that will hold my attention. I have: BF4 = crap Ghosts = crap AC4 Black Flag = played the crap out of it, on 360 and ps4. Think I'm just wore out with it Resogun = same as above FIFA 14 = this is all I play Killzone Shadow Fall = traded in for BF4 Don't starve = better on pc Outlast = boring after 2 hours Has anyone tried thief? I've heard bad things.
  10. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    Yes, spetznaz is good. Also, literally every number between your site and ahov's is different, some wildly. Except Ukraine's reserve #. Yeah, 1 out of 30 isn't bad.
  11. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    Where'd you get those numbers, considering Russia has trouble saying how many troops they have, much less any outside source. A disturbing percentage of their ground forces are poorly trained conscripts, and the reforms you speak are only half finished.
  12. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    I bet Ukraine would beat the hell out of Russia.
  13. Rainy Day Fund

    I spend til it's gone, wait a few days, then blow through that. No war system, no worries.
  14. My First Day

    up that personal tax rate
  15. Favorite games

    FIFA. Career mode is weaning me off FM BF3 AC3, for the ships Arms 3 alpha, til my PSU died GTA 4, never gets old