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  1. I guess this is the end...

    Unable to buy resources from the market. Guess this means game over for good.
  2. Take the game down

    So, you're alive, that's good. Step 1 is complete. For step 2: Do you have a general schedule for the rest of the game such as: Trade Research war?
  3. Take the game down

    http://forum.project-terra.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders You can tell when the moderation team has last visited the forums. Chris was last on the forums around a month and a half ago, and it seems Hannibal is the most active moderation member, last being on the forums 5 days ago. Interesting, he was the one who made the announcement last January that development had stopped. http://forum.project-terra.com/index.php?/topic/9558-game-development-update/
  4. Alright, some numbers for you. I currently have 7 cities, and am in the process of saving up to upgrade the last one to a metropolis. At 7 cities, this costs 3.675 billion (not bad), but also 185,000 of brick, concrete, and lumber. As such, I was just forced to buy 50 more warehouses, plus the new energy reqs. So right now, I have overall power reqs of 3094 megawatts, which means that my 185 warehouses are consuming 59.7 percent of my total energy needs, this my friends, is ridamndiculous.
  5. Ok this is getting stupid fast. 120 warehouses just to upgrade a city? Are you kidding me? Pretty soon, the majority of a nation's power plants devoted solely to warehouses, which makes 0 sense. I understand the developers want to make upgrading successive cities more difficult, but there comes a point where it goes beyond all bounds of reason.
  6. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    It would be wise of them to learn quick.
  7. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    Listen up you two: it is painfully obvious that you are either, 1) Rather new to these types of games, or 2) are being willfully obtuse. So let me enlighten you: Here it is black and white. In these games, there is a understood basic norm that recruiting from other alliances (known as poaching) is a detriment and is not to be tolerated, and that poaching is an usually an immediate, rock-solid CB. Furthermore, we don't really care about what you perceive as our sovereignty, or your opinions on how we should run our alliance, just be known, you attempt to poach us = dec of war from us. As this game matures, (and you do as well) you will see that NOT ONE ALLIANCE will survive as a poaching alliance. Proceed at your peril. undoubtedly, there will be many o/
  8. Mermaids

    Way too many logical fallacies here. The person above has already explained the distinction and definition to what a scientific theory is, so there is no need to beat a dead horse. But: You are correct to say that nearly every theory is not accepted before it is accepted. However, this by itself lends no evidence towards it. "all great truths begin as blasphemies, but not all blasphemies become great truths" . Second problem: The burden of proof is on the person making the claim, not the other way around. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell's_teapotis a good example. I can make the claim that a teapot orbits somewhere between the Earth and Mars. The lack of evidence to disprove my theory in no way lends credence to it. In order to better make that claim, I would have to show evidence that in fact, a teapot is in orbit.
  9. UFOs and Human Observation

    Do you have any peer-reviewed articles to back up your claims?
  10. Mermaids

    1. We did 2. We did not. Sorry to be so blunt, but that renders the rest of your post moot. From the wikipedia article you listed
  11. Pledge of Allegience (US)

    Except you are comparing the worship of one person to a pledge to a republic. There is a big difference, surely you can see that?
  12. Beta And Alpha Info

    http://www.infoq.com...mobile-services Could be another week. Ugh Microsoft update: http://blog.ntotten.com/2012/10/24/asp-net-4-5-on-windows-azure-web-sites/ If this is what Chris is talking about, then it has finally arrived!
  13. Beta And Alpha Info

    read the thread and you will see that it is a microsoft matter. If you want someone to complain too, tell Microsoft to Hurry it up and offer .NET 4.5 for Azure.