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  1. Buying from market !

    The game is broken and everyone left a long time ago.
  2. Av Silistriai

    My citizens are on a hunger strike in protest of the almighty Chris bieng absent.
  3. So then where have you been?
  4. Holy ********! The staff pops in just long enough to ban Ahovking! Well now, seems as if we want the game back, all we have to do is advertise clones of PT until ******** gets moving again! :V What is the actual point of banning anymore? There is no game and there never will be. That's apparent. This whole shebang is just a portfolio piece for Chris. So who cares?
  5. I guess this is the end...

    You're still playing? lol
  6. So...Why keep it a secret

    Yeah, before Anson ruined it and let it get hacked. It was a pretty good game before Anson stopped listening to the players and changed all the mechanics into garbage. Eventually he realized everyone hated him enough that he's sell the game. Suspiciously, the game was also hacked and destroyed right in the middle of ownership transfer.
  7. So...Why keep it a secret

    PN is not even a functioning game. You basically have a home page and that's it.
  8. So...Why keep it a secret

    Game is pretty well over with.
  9. Tablets are dead? Everyone I know has a tablet.
  10. New Pacific Order

    lol Anyway, recruitment is still open even if everyhting (including our forums) are dead as ********.
  11. Nation Bragging & Analysis

    No, I've just quit logging in because the staff isn't fixing the game.