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  1. Av Silistriai

    I don't think I've touched anything on my nation for more then a year now. My citizens are probably deader then this game due to famine currently.
  2. Play Civ. I prefer Civ 4 with the C2C mod installed, but Civ 5 isn't bad either. I mean, that's the closest we're going to get to PT at the current time and actually pretty damn fun to boast as well.
  3. For all we know, Demo could be a muilti of Chris to make it look like the game is being worked on. There's no proof of that though, making it conjuncture at this current time, but I do consider it a possibility. I mean, ********, it would explain why he's not doing anything.
  4. Number of cities

    I wonder if it'd be possible to add village under town and conurbation and megalopolis over metro? Mind you, I doubt any suggestions are going to be added, based on the current state of the game.
  5. If I offer to code for you and fix the game, will you say yes Chris? As I am quite willing. :3
  6. Chris was on today.

    Give or take 100 years.
  7. George RR Martin makes sense, he's pretty much killed everybody who plays off.
  8. Can we lock him up and make him code then?
  9. PW's community is literally mostly children, so I consider that a good analogy there.
  10. So how long before Chris just gets annoyed and bans Gandalf?
  11. I doubt it, as that would make Chris The Balrog, which he obviously isn't, as the Balrog actually woke up.