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  1. Unemployment

    Unemployment rate will increase up until 15% and then "autofound" will kick in, which basically means that the game creates random companies for you. Edit (clarification): to decrease your unemployment rate again. In the alpha version of PT, you could set your "autofound percentage" - the percentage of unemployment required for jobs to be created automatically - to be anywhere from 0% to 100% if I recall correctly. The option was supposed to be available shortly after beta launch. And it's worth noting before you come up with this problem that the game "looks" at your nation in ticks every so often (probably couple of hours or more), so unemployment can actually rise above 15% temporarily before the game "realizes" you're over 15% unemployment. That's the threshold though for autofound. Passing certain laws can increase or decrease the autofound percentage as well; you'l have to test that out for yourself.
  2. All I really want my watch to do is to tell me the time and the date in a fashion that doesn't involve me looking in my pocket. I have a phone or a laptop for everything else. Plus I like the look of it on my wrist. Having a bare left wrist makes me uncomfortable.
  3. Chris was on today.

    Everyone knows you're only allowed to work on your non-profit game. Having a life and requirements like work? Psh, who has those?
  4. Money, Development, WHAT?

    45% personal tax, 100% corporate tax rates are currently the best option. Pass laws you think would be good for your nation, however you want to run it... freedoms or none? High tax rates or low? etc. You can also only make more of the resources you're able to get naturally. So if you're a coal producing nation like I am, you'd have to buy LNG off of the market in order to make power. Remember to buy lots of land so your citizens aren't smashed together. It prevents disease and helps to reduce crime. It also increases immigration into your nation. If you want any more tips, throw me a link to your nation and I can look it over.
  5. The servers are slow; the refresh speed for the pages is slow. It'll count your clicks to buy refineries/extractors so don't spam click. Just wait. It's a bit annoying.
  6. Over 9000 km^2 of Land

    The amount is not limited if I recall what Chris said in a post earlier. Someone had your same concern. The price of land increases only for your nation, not anyone else's. If that weren't the case, anyone creating their nation later would be at a severe disadvantage. Edit: Grammar.
  7. Over 9000 km^2 of Land

    He's got over 10,000 now. Doesn't look like there's any signs of him slowing down his purchasing or "purchasing", so I suppose the devs haven't noticed or don't care.
  8. Over 9000 km^2 of Land

    Sounds like something's not quite right here, the devs should look into it.
  9. Take the game down

    Whether or not the game should be taken down is one matter, but will anyone read this thread? If the game has no more attention, I doubt the Forums do either. Who's here to see this thread that can shut down or sell the game?
  10. Why i don't believe in Climate Change

    There's a difference betweenclimate change and global warming. Anyone who deniesclimate change has their head stuck up their... yeah. Humans have adapted their environment for thousands of years - farming, deforestation, homes and buildings, etc. The earth has gone through phases of hotter and colder periods. There are multitudes of scientific reports, some of which you included in your original post, to dictate thatclimate change is real. Global warming, especially in reference to that caused by humans, is often the point of debate though. Personally I believe that we're causing it - I'm not looking to get into an argument here - but even if we aren't (and that's a big "if"), we cannot continue to do what we currently are with the resources that the planet has given us. That last statement is also not a point of contention, similar to climate change. We'll run out of fossil fuels one day, we'll continue getting rid of the Amazon, and we'll keep recklessly abusing the world we're living on all for the sake of making our lives a little bit easier. Sorry if you think the nomenclature criticism is a bit over the top, but it's one of the things that irks me.Climate change is undeniably real, and (imo) so is global warming, but only the latter can really be debated.
  11. Advertisments

    Do you guys use Chrome? I'll just put this here before your idea gets implemented...
  12. Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza

    Yes, because it's exactly how Hamas is fighting its war. I keep seeing on the news from the more liberal sources that "Israel kills X innocent Palestinians today..." Edit: And the sources neglect to say why: Maybe if Hamas stopped putting missile launchers in hospitals, schools, mosques, etc., less civilians would die. I have absolutely no idea why the Palestinian civilians are putting up with it. I'd get the heck outta there. Personally, I don't like the idea of being used as a meat shield.
  13. Server Error in '/' Application?

    Add another on the list as having this problem.
  14. Suggestion: Whipping votes on laws

    But when is tortureless effective than other methods? I mean, really. Why not use whips instead of whips?
  15. Population in capital

    Good question; I'd like to know that too. With all the wildly differing numbers, I feel like it might just be random depending on your nation when you create it.