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  1. I want to pass this law cause im sure I can but is therea way to revoke a law? I don't know what this democracy will do and I kinda want to know but idk if its worth it and if I don't like it idk how to change it to a republic again. I might just be misunderstanding Laws,I read the outline for laws and stuff. Can you repeal laws?
  2. I must be stupid

    How does this game work Private sectors are springing up like cockroach's,I have negativeimmigration(-1.09), I don't know how to upgrademy cities and/or move people to them.
  3. Nation Name Change

    I don't know if moderators can but I would like my nation renamed(ignore quotes) "United States Of America"
  4. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    THEYRE dumb if the government does, sanctions will break their economy. People buy their oil, the government and their economy benefits from it. The government also buys food and other nonsense Yeah I thought that until the news said that Obama told Putin that if they annex ukrane the government will be completely sanctioned.... I hope they don't, war is not a good thing for anyone's economy, well maybe alittle good economy cause of the jobs that the economy makes to create military things : ? I don't understand politics and Russia... All this undeveloped land and they're going to want more???
  5. So I was thinking, this game has the ability to hold elections to see what laws you can pass... all great (Like to see how that works) but that isn't usually how governments work so I compiled a list of government that could be used Government Types and Advantages Democracy-People have the right to vote directly, basically you want to please your population so you can pass laws that are more controversial. Traits:10% more immigration,5% more population happiness Republic- Republics allow the people to vote for people to vote for them. So i'm thinking you hold elections for your people to elect their government officials. Happiness is still important to pass laws just not as much as gov officials will stil listen to the people just not as much. Traits: Can raise taxes with less happiness penalty Dictatorship- This one is interesting, no one can vote, you are the supreme ruler, every law is passed. Elections are illegal Traits: 10% less happiness, 5% less immigration, 5% military strength These are some Governments,I could add more but idk what people think Economy Types Capitalism- Businessis very important Traits:30%profit from public and private companies, 10% less money to start apublic company,10% unemployment is when companies start. Communism- control over your governments economy Traits: 40% Less money to start a public company, 60% less pay for stateworkers, 10% less happiness, Private companies start at 20% unemployment Tell me what you think Please no rude comments, if you don't like my ideas, there is no reason to be rude.
  6. Goverments and Economys + Advantages

    I see I see I guess this is closed then
  7. Goverments and Economys + Advantages

    hmmm I see I see well maybe dictators have a better military cause of their harsh ways and the dictator can force the people into the army Them Spartans and their oligarchy though
  8. I must be stupid

    jesus! that's a lot of time! D: I have no more money today oh well
  9. I must be stupid

    I have 1 clinic, I have 600 land and my tax is at 25 What is a year in this game? Earth year or like days?
  10. I must be stupid I made like 15 companies and make the same money from before... why am I paying 207.1 to my employees... should of stayed with Laissez Faire