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    So I was thinking, this game has the ability to hold elections to see what laws you can pass... all great (Like to see how that works) but that isn't usually how governments work so I compiled a list of government that could be used 
    Government Types and Advantages
    Democracy-People have the right to vote directly, basically you want to please your population so you can pass laws that are more controversial. Traits: 10% more immigration, 5% more population happiness 
    Republic- Republics allow the people to vote for people to vote for them. So i'm thinking you hold elections for your people to elect their government officials. Happiness is still important to pass laws just not as much as gov officials will stil listen to the people just not as much.
    Traits: Can raise taxes with less happiness penalty
    Dictatorship- This one is interesting, no one can vote, you are the supreme ruler, every law is passed. Elections are illegal Traits: 10% less happiness, 5% less immigration, 5% military strength
    These are some Governments, I could add more but idk what people think
    Economy Types
    Capitalism- Business is very important Traits: 30% profit from public and private companies, 10% less money to start a public company, 10% unemployment is when companies start. 
    Communism- control over your governments economy Traits: 40% Less money to start a public company, 60% less pay for state workers, 10% less happiness, Private companies start at 20% unemployment
    Tell me what you think
    Please no rude comments, if you don't like my ideas, there is no reason to be rude.