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  1. Political Affiliation Poll

    Democracy is fine so long as it is not taken too far (i.e. direct democracy). The problem is when people begin to treat democracy as an end in itself, not as a means to an end.
  2. Political Affiliation Poll

    The green party is just.... ick. Extremist-pacifism and Luddite-"environmentalism" are not my thing. Voting green is also one of the worst things anyone can do for the environment.
  3. Mods vs Players

    4.1081346089640104601234972 (3 --> 4)
  4. Mods vs Players

    5.081346089640104601234972 (9 --> 0) Hopefully this one will last longer than the previous mods vs players game.
  5. Tax Rates

    I wonder if it has something to do with what taxation/laws/etc you have in place. What browser are you using? On my browser (most up-to-date version of Firefox - can't be bothered to remember the version number) the market still takes a bit longer to load the lists of buy and sell offers even after the rest of the page finishes loading. That could possibly be part of the problem.
  6. I thought this was of some sort of interest

    EDIT: does this forum have some sort of spoiler tags?
  7. Tax Rates

    The market works, but by using the market to carry out a trade with a specific nation you run the risk of a random other nation hijacking the trade.
  8. The tech thread

    I'm no fan of Linux, and the evangelism of its more fanatic users often irritates me, but seriously? There are certain uses for which Linux is pretty much the best choice out there (lolhuge supercomputers being one example).
  9. Mods vs Players

    Here's what we'll do next. Mods are attempting to get the below string to match the first 25 (26 if you include the digit before the decimal) of e. Players are attempting to get the below string to match the first 25 (26 if you include the digit before the decimal) if pi. Here's the catch though: on any turn, you can change only one digit, and only by adding or subtracting 1 from its value. If the digit is a 9, you can also add 1 to make it 0; if the digit is 0; you can also subtract 1 to make it 9. Once again, you may not make another post until at least two other people have posted after your most recent previous post. If you don't know the first 25 (26?) digits of pi or e, Google is your friend. Here is the starting number, which was created by randomly mashing the number row on my keyboard for a second or two with my eyes closed: 5.9081347089640104601234972
  10. Tax Rates

    Stuff gets expensive very quickly in PT. At 4% tax you're hardly going to be able to purchase anything, let alone the big upgrades you need. Libertarianism won't really get you anywhere in the early stages. I just did the same thing. It increased the Liberal Imperialist Party's (a parody party that once laws are available will represent my actual beliefs but taken to a ridiculous extreme) majority by ~25 seats, but at the same time it increased the Green Party from ~10 to 56 seats. Anyone who has seen my posts on NS should know how I feel about Green parties (to put it simply: they are New Age luddites that will be disastrous for the environment if they get in power), so I guess it's time for some, er... mysterious disappearances. :evil laugh:
  11. I thought this was of some sort of interest That thread is on the first page of the google results for "valley of death siberia".
  12. Dev Watercooler #1 - Laws

    Very interesting. I'd like to see some sort of severely limited democracy though, if possible.
  13. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    When people tell me "my claim is totally entirely and 100% true but the mainstream media refuses to admit it but here's a youtube video or conspiracy website that agrees with me", the first thing that comes to mind is always "maybe the mainstream media isn't covering it because it's simply MADE UP and NOT TRUE?" If anything, the mainstream media is TOO tolerant of fabricated conspiracies and general quackery. Just a thought. Mainstream sources would be nice.
  14. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

  15. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    What do you mean by "we" started the civil war in Syria? Assad started the civil war when he ordered his troops to fire on peaceful protesters.