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  1. Greatings new and old members, if your reading this then the game and fourm is indeed dead. The admin of the game has yet to fine tune the game and there are tons of bugs in the game some off which effect your nation. (don't qoute me on that if you aren't drectly effected) now there is nothing i can do to stop you from signing up and using this service or playing the game,just know that no further progress is being made on the game. sign the Tsar.
  2. All non native Slovaks are hereby forbidden from seeking citizenship,obtaining work and owning land within the Grand Republic.It is now an criminal offense for knowingly aiding or granting job to illegal immigrants,this is to protect our economy and our way of life within our nation. Congress was impressed that the Tsar took interest in the immigration problem but however this questions his pro civil rights laws in the Grand Republic.
  3. With the fall of slavery the Tsar announced that congress had passed the civil rights act,it is yet another blow to the workers party that is gaining support in the elections however the Tsar announces that he is far from finished with the backwards revolutionist. Is this an beginning of an new modern Russia that promises equality for all or is this a scam of an age old regime that is trying to stay in power.
  4. Repealed Slavery.

    Today the Tsar announced the end of slavery within the Grand Republic,all non native slavics are free to return to there original homeland.It is unknown why the Tsar had a change of heart but maybe its because people are voting for the Workers party,the Tsar refuses to commit but however it is clear hes trying to stop an political revolution.
  5. The Official Unofficial New Map and Rules Thread

    Name: Grand Republic Size: 500sq km. My nation is relatively big so iam going to need something roughly close to Russia.
  6. Let's Make a Story!

  7. signature request

    Forgive me i was in an hurry so let help you that way you have an idea on what to work with. could you find some pictures on industry, rubles and of course revolution? and maybe make it to where they kinda flip like movie.
  8. Let's Make a Story!

  9. signature request

    This is kinda what i am looking for but it looks an little bland but nice try.
  10. PTRP Map and Rules Thread

    How big would 200.00 sq km be?
  11. Let's Make a Story!

  12. signature request

    Photos to incorporate(if any):any the artist wants. (with in reasonable limits please.) Text: Industrial,Economical and Revolutionary. Size: small General concept requested:n/a Additional Information:This is dedicated to my nation so feel free to get creative.
  13. Let's Make a Story!

  14. Let's Make a Story!