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  1. Update?

    I agree. Nationstates for a very long time was as basic as basic could be, no analysis, no "people" data, nothing, your nation had a (very) brief description and that was it. Hell, even the option of naming your capital city and leader is relatively new. That said, the game allowed people to interact through the region system from day 1, and as such prospered and steadily gained more people. PT needs a way for players to interact. But lately it looks like development completely stopped, so
  2. Site layout

    Strange....the new layout works well for me. I mean, it isquite on the unattractive sideand less functional than the old one, but at the very least works. Try to expand your browser window.Since PT is reactive if you have a very small window it can get a tad glitchy. That, or just buy a Mac
  3. Dearest Cement Workers

    Prices went up again, which is awesome but something should be done to prevent these cicles, maybe createOCEC - Organization of Cement Exporting Countries Can't speak for others, but cement exporting is a large part of my budget, especially since my "social laws" cost quite a bit of money....also, with low prices there is no incentive for any investment in new production infrastructure which in time will cause even more instability in prices...
  4. 28 Billion Giveaway

  5. Lovely Politicians...

    Actually, no, there were plenty of democracies in Europe without social services before WWII, one of the main reasons for the rise of undemocratic governments during the great depression. The UK invented the NHS, and it was a liberal idea (not liberal in the american sense, liberal in the european sense) that a labour government implemented with the consent of the conservative party. In Europe most of the universal health systems were created out of a consensus of (rational) right-wing and left-wing parties. So no, there was no "Democracy+Universal Healthcare" package in most of Europe. Our politicians simply sat down at the table, worked out the issues and got the job done. This is ridiculous. It was expensive because of other reasons, probably because you were in a touristic zone (Paris IS expensive), or in the summer, or some other reason. But for the large increase to be the result of taxation the VAT would have to be in the 300% neighborhood....the top VAT in France is 20%, it is higher than in the US, but not a lot more. And the european states do not fund anything to keep anyone happy, these services exist because we (well, out grandparents and parents) wanted them and were willing to pay them with taxes....nothing was "given" to make the populations "happy", the people demanded something and their representatives delivered. In true democracies people get what they want if there's a consensus. In any case, while Americans think of our governments as wasteful and inefficient, it is useful to remind people that most European countries have far less debt-to-gdp than the US federal government and many of its states WHILE providing universal healthcare, universal quality education and universal access to quality higher education. Neither the European or American welfare systems provide anyone with the "finer" things in life. I don't see a lot of people on welfare shopping at Dior. They DO provide basic food and shelter, because not letting someone starve to death is kind of a humane and christian thing to do. know, all people could have a common training center so that everyone could have a equal start and have a chance to succeed or fail in the marathon due to their merits, and you could have a first aid tent to help those who fall down so that they can continue to run.... You think you are defending a meritocracy, you really are defending a "law of the jungle"ocracy, a state of barbarism where the strong prey on the weak. Americans used to belief in equal opportunity as much as europeans, even right-wing politicians used to at least be in favor of a strong education system to empower the citizen and to give everyone a equal chance to succeed or fail (AKA: Meritocracy)....i have no idea what happened to the US, especially to the republican party. Basically a broken system. Its a shame really, the free world really needs a strong US to counter China and Russia....but with rising healthcare costs as a result of a broken political system, the US is on the fast track to financial insecurity and general weekness. Unless the US can work up its problems China will be the world's most powerful nation.....and a world led by the current Chinese regime is not a very good world to live in....
  6. Lovely Politicians...

    More crisis with Obamacare? Again?! Still?! Your political system is really broken, even the poorest countries here in Europe have some sort of universal healthcare system, and in general they work and keep healthcare costs very limited (at least considering the alternative). Really, just return to the British Empire, they will accept you back, and London will rule you a lot better than the sad excuse for a parliament you call "congress"
  7. Anime Thread 2, the revengening!

    It's your opinion. If you think that it is the best love story then it is the best love story, for you anyway. For me it's Maison Ikkoku. It may be old school, but remains the very best romance manga every made. The story is excellent, the artwork is great, and if you can ignore some of the more dated parts (like the absence of mobile phones) it is a great read.
  8. Nation Help Thread

    Is this already working? Because i passed what i think is a very business friendly law (which even brought down my income) but i had no autofound yet Maybe im being impatient, but some details would be nice....
  9. Nation Help Thread

    This is just my guess, but i think you expanded your population too fast for the amount of land and social services you have. Buy some land, build some clinics, universities, schools, etc, and happiness should go up.
  10. Law question

    You need to hold elections regularly even if you have a massive majority. I had a 200 seat majority and my last law (the homestead act) passed only with marginal support (255 i think), so i held an election to "refresh" congress. With the NHS act, Education act and Homestead Act i won 486 seats, in doing so i basically now rule a single party democracy
  11. The tech thread

    I have a Mac, i really like it for its reliability and average user friendliness. I have parallels with windows 7 for the windows only apps (aka: games) so i have the best of both worlds. In a testament to Japanese manufacturing quality, my old N64 is the only functioning console in the house, it works as if it was brand new. Im still waiting for my PS3 to come back from being repaired....lousy piece of garbage.
  12. Patch Notes Preview

    Yay! I really need to pass some new taxation laws to fund new cities, schools, clinics, 600 dollars toilet seats, the usual.....81 million a day is simply not enough.