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  1. Since our glorious Party's rule began 299 days ago, we have progressed in constructing our great socialist country. We are climbing the top 10 as we speak. Our growth rate is the second highest in the game, and our land is in the top 4. Our crime rate is 3.97%, literacy 92.29%, disease rate 6.78% and happiness 56.91%. We plan to continue this thrend and become the greatest country this planet has ever seen. Enough bragging?
  2. Anti-Christ and Christ alike name Profiles

    I see nothing wrong with any of those names whatsoever.
  3. I was looking a bit forward to possibly having the most land, but that project can probably be abandoned now. I'm wondering how a 95 days old nation got 9,443 km^2 of land, to get from 4,690 km^2 (around the records a few days ago) to 9,443 km^2 you'd need 1,420 billion currency The current records in state income per day are around 1 billion currency, but the 95 days old nation has like a tenth of that, exporting resources and maybe speculation adds something, but of the same order of magnitude? Also just to make it clear: I'm not accusing of cheat or anything, I'm just wondering how it's possible, through a legitimate mechanism? Maybe a bug on the server caused it? I know this isn't the technical subforum and I could go there with it, I thought it might be of interest to other people on here as well though. Edit: I've submitted it on the technical forum for the devs to look into.
  4. 86 laws passed. This helps a bit. But still about 30-40 fails. I've tried to pass Socialism Implementation Act probably 10-20 times and failed every time, Public Transportation Act 5-10 times probably and also failed every time. Somewhat frustrating.
  5. Statistics as graphs

    Thanks Yes I made that some months ago in a not very systematic way and never revisited it, I figured it probably wasn't correct, I'll probably look into it again some day. Thanks for checking up on it. Edit: Fixed here
  6. Statistics as graphs

    I'd love to have that feature. I've spent a good amount of time manually tracking stats for nations in the alliance I'm in.
  7. Foreign Policy: VeryIsolationist Economy: CompletelySocialist Social Freedom: SlightlyLibertarian
  8. Resources & Market

    I don't agree with this, as when I open the construction page, I deal with all 6 resources, so if I'd have to open each of the 6 resources separately, I'd only lose time if this were implemented. If I need to deal with 1 resource I just click the refresh button on the one single resource, even though of course that means having the tab opened and all 6 loaded earlier. If anything, let the 6 resources stay, but then not load on default, but let each resource load only after you press the refresh button on it. I imagine that'd put a roughly equal amount of strain on the server compared to having to go to a separate page for each resource as you're proposing, without requiring the extra navigation. How much you can see depends on your resolution. Using 1920x1080 usually, I can see all 6 resources and all buttons for them on the screen. But when I can't it doesn't bother me that much, as I don't need the info about concrete when I'm doing clay trades. But I'd still like updating the clay trade offers while waiting for concrete to load instead of doing one at a time.
  9. Population in capital

    The population of my capital is 150,000 people, and I'm pretty sure that's also how it was when I joined 39 days ago.
  10. Suggestion: Over-limit Warning?

    I agree this would be nice. Even if you can do math, you can still misclick. Being someone who actively speculates in all the construction resources, for the good of our people, this happens to me occasionally, although rarely. :l
  11. If they have no function currently there'd be no difference between waiting buying them until trade is implemented and they get a function or buying them now, except you won't have those money you spent on them available for the period. To me it would make more sense to simply save the money until then, then they are at least available if you really need some of them for something else that becomes more important. Or you could use them for some good state-sponsored arbitrate in the resource market for the good of the people, which can multiply your money by a factor while you wait, so you end up being able to buy even more when they get a function. I naively bought 2 rail networks and 1 road network (I think) in my capital the first day. I've disbanded one of the rail networks since so I now have 1 of each, I don't remember getting any money back (although it frees up a small amount of power). I might've checked when I disbanded the one network, if I did, I don't remember it affecting anything, but I'm not sure if I did check it.
  12. Economy Tips

    Correct - creating state owned companies, as far as I know, actually will never pay off in-game with the current mechanics. You basically pay the wages for employees in state-owned companies twice, there's a topic about it here: That means even though there's a listed "profit" at the companies, the extra wages you pay are pretty much bound to make it a deficit. Another tip to maximize the state income is to set personal tax rate to 45% and corporate tax rate to 100%. Some people have written setting it to 0% is best if your unemployment reaches the threshold for autofound, from my experience, companies have founded even with it kept at 100%, although I don't know if there'd be any advantage if it had been 0% instead.
  13. I think this is a good idea. It is rather unrealistic that cities bump your population by 5,000, 50,000 or 100,000 in the first place. It would be more realistic if they had a capacity and grew on their own, with both factors being something you can control/influence.
  14. Law Timer

    But there's no timer on buildings, so being online often is already rewarded (as you need to build them at the right time), even with an optimum build strategy. We don't need a law timer for that. Also, there can't really be an 100% accurate optimum build strategy, because the market prices fluctuate and you'd need to know their future prices in order to know when it's optimal to build extractors etc. if you take into account exports as an income source. And in the future, wars will probably create many possibilities of getting ahead of other players. Definitely more than the current law timer could.
  15. Dearest Cement Workers

    I agree, dear international community, please arrest these criminals!!!11