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  1. yea it wrong how they making isreal look like the bad guys when it really Hamas and now the Obama admiration yelled at isreal for attacking them and yet they didn't yell at hamas for attack isreal for years
  2. Tourism

    well it would give you more money and give a boost to your county happiness
  3. Population in capital

    before i restated my country it 250,000 now after restart it 190,000 now
  4. Weather

    i read in history books that some wars are won and lost because the weather
  5. Tourism

    i might went over board but you get the idea if i'm correct do some tourist sometimes move to they country the vist
  6. Tourism

    anyway back to topic how about we built race tracks, airports and beach restores fancy hotels, national parks
  7. i like this idea means more money for us to improve stuff