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  1. Commerce Union

    The Commerce Union Offical Recruitment Address | The Commerce Union is an alliance that looks out for each and every one of our members. Not just the ones who have experience or seniority. We offer in-game tutoring to newer players, fair trade agreements, economic assistance and military support to our members. Our philosophy is simple: helping one helps the whole. We're an alliance of sovereign states, yes; but we're also an alliance of friends --->> If you wish to join us, you may submit an application for admission on our alliance page located here; Once you have submitted an application in-game, you may visit our forum located here:, register for a free account and begin the rest of the application process here: We hope to see you there! As for members or representatives of other alliances, we also have a section for diplomatic communications located here: ================================================================= UPDATE - MARCH 11TH, 2016 ================================================================= I have been in discussion with some of the previous members of the Commerce Union about revitalizing the alliance and using the forum as a sort of role-play supplement to the game (with each nation also having their own independent areas on the forum). The game's obviously not being worked on any time soon, but that doesn't mean we all have to sit around and twiddle our thumbs. Henceforth, the Commerce Union is re-opening recruitment to the forum for anyone who wants to join us regardless of past affiliations. As of posting this, I am still working on some of the mechanics for the forum, so please give me some time to sort through the details. Thank you for your time, Joshua Wheat, Prime Minister of the Republic of Jovenia, Chancellor of the Commerce Union
  2. Market Calculate Button

    This is actually a really simple suggestion that could make using the Market (specially buying and selling) a lot easier. I propose that a calculate button is added to the Market, so let's say I want to sell 5,428 Lumber @ 7,913$ then I can quickly see overall how much I will get and know if it's worth it or not. Yes I could simply open up a calculator or do the math in my head, but simply clicking a button and getting the results in a fraction of a second would be a lot better. The calculate button is already implemented in other menus, I don't think it would be that difficult to add to the Market page.
  3. How do these resources get extracted? Or will I have to continue to buy them to build, feed and fuel my nation? Could I just need more land to have these items available?
  4. From Demosthenes: Over the next week, I will be working on putting together a more clear/concise explanation with some clearer examples. This explanation will be posted in this thread and linked from the OP. If you are unclear of anything described above, please post in this thread describing what is unclear so that we can make sure it is clear in the future explanation.